A century has passed since the world's first practical application of the track-type tractor in 1904.As the top leader of the construction equipment brands, Caterpillar has continued to open a new frontier of the times and to contribute to the progress made in the world.

We, Caterpillar Japan, as a Japanese construction equipment manufacturer strongly aligned to the Caterpillar Inc., have fulfilled an essential role in development, production, and sales of the Caterpillar products.

Now, we are determined to contribute to the progress of Japan and every corner of the world through pursuing our corporate identity.


Manufacturing (PDF)

We have a production system to deliver reliable
quality to Japanese and worldwide customers.

Sales & Support  

Sales & Support (PDF)

Caterpillar Japan provides the best quality
in sales and support aspects in order to be
the world's No. 1 manufacturer and at the same time
to be the No. 1 partner for each and every customer.

Development & Design  

Development & Design (PDF)

We support the product development of world's leading
Caterpillar Group from Japan.

Corporate Social Responsibility  

Corporate Social Responsibility (PDF)

Caterpillar Japan will take responsible actions as
a construction equipment manufacturer and
a global citizen toward a sustainable development of the society.



On August 1, 2008, We changed our company name from "shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi ltd. to Caterpillar Japan ltd. following the change in the ownership structure (50:50 → 67:33)between Caterpillar Inc.(HQ:Illinois, U.S.) And Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.(HQ:Tokyo)


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Caterpillar Japan Corporate Identity

We have hereby formulated our corporate statement, at the inauguration of "Caterpillar Japan," to realize further success of customers and further contribute to society.


Caterpillar Japan Corporate Identity

Precise manufacturing and partnership of trust we have cultivated over many years.
And total power which has led the world construction equipment.

Quality of Japan and global power
Now, we will boldly integrate those two strengths and delicately combine them.

To realize the highest quality beyond expectations in everything
we deliver to customers.

In order for our growth to enhance the business quality of customers and
to expand the pleasure of working together.

Believing that this will eventually lead to a society in which people
all over the world can live with smile.

We, Caterpillar Japan, promise.

「Quality of Japan × Global Power」

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